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Liquor Licence Compliance Management System made by venue managers for venue managers


Why you need a Venue Management Software like Compliance Pal

  • Cloud Software

    With the way technology has advanced, why shouldn't the way you manage and access your business do the same? With our venue management software and compliance program, Compliance Pal, you can log in anywhere and download or view any information you need. Compliance Pal integrates with Amazon Cloud with its own private server to protect your information.

  • Simplified process

    Managing venue and liquor compliance is undeniably hard, but with Compliance Pal, the flow has been simplified through the use of an easy user interface,  friendly support available 24/7, online instant reporting, up to date liquor resources and a news feed to keep you updated of the changes within the  industry.

  • Reduces Risk

    Compliance Pal, venue mangament software, reduces your exposure to risk for both patrons, staff, and management by utilising its liquor registers, liquor licensing uploads, equipment servicing calendar, training videos and online courses to ensure a safe environment. Compliance Pal enables you to adopt best practise measures to ensure you will always comply with your license conditions.

About Compliance Management System - Compliance Pal

Compliance Pal is a compliance management system and a venue management software. It is a cloud-based compliance management software designed to enable venues to comply more efficiently and trade more effectively.

Jam-packed with features, Compliance Pal allows you to generate real-time reports on your training registers, licenses, permits, fire training and staffing information. 

This streamline, low-risk, safety-first software is designed by venue managers for venue managers.

  • Compliance

  • Security

  • Training

  • Passwords

  • Staff

  • Newsfeed

  • Agreements

  • Operations

  • Servicing

  • POS Live Reporting

  • Alerts & Triggers

  • Contractors & Suppliers


Integrates with these third party software:



This Compliance Management System shows all your compliance in one location. Training register, noise register, CCTV register, approved manager, RSA and RSG registers, licenses, RAMP, DSMP, fire and security. Produce, download and export each data upon request in just seconds.


A part of this venue management software is a major priority so why not make it simple and easy to access. We offer staff training manual uploads that can be instantly viewed. We also have a collection of best practise resources with regards to RSA, OLGR signage, checklists and self audit sheets.


Protecting your business and minimising risk is very important. Keep all your passwords involved in your business locked and secured in an area, of which we do at a high success rate. Our compliance management system includes a login system that allows you to choose which management have the security clearance to review and grant access to the password tool.

Staff Management

Manage your staff in a compliance program that is extremely user-friendly, well-organised, and time-efficient. Not only are you able conduct all relevant staff details, but you can also have your staff to sign the venue RAMP, venue DSMP and venue fire safety through an electronic signature. 


Be updated with all legislation changes, hotel news, beer/wine/spirits news, small bars and pub news using Australia’s “our shout”. Be informed for we believe in the proverb, “knowledge is power”.


Using this Compliance Program, all your arrangments are managed and filled up electronically. You are then enabled to have the access and generate information immediately upon request anywhere in the world.


With Compliance Pal, you can take pictures, write in detail and provide action to different issues instantly. End of shift reporting has never been comfortable with a ready-made template which allows you to fill in all requirements and immediately export as a PDF, email or print.


Keeping track of essential service dates, equipment serial numbers, and installation dates are crucial. Using this Venue Management Software, you can log all of your equipment details and be notified with upcoming services, so they don’t get missing.

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