What is the Purpose of Liquor Licence

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Australia’s alcohol law manages and controls the sale and consumption of alcoholic beverages. The policy that prohibits ages under 18 to drink alcohol is under this alcohol law. This law regulates all involved alcohol activities especially to businesses who sell alcoholic beverages to consumers.

It is important to have a liquor licence or permit to sell and supply alcohol in Queensland. Generally, in Australia, liquor licences are issued by the legal authority of each state to allow an individual or business to manufacture or sell alcoholic beverages. In most cases, there are several types of liquor licences in which they are available to apply for within each certain state. There are also different kinds of regulations and policies to which applies to all types of liquor licenses.

There are different types of liquor licence QLD that suits any kind of alcohol business. These licences are available depending on what type of business or organization. Also, the fees and legal obligations depend on the type of liquor license you will get.

Licence and permits are also available to those who are a non-proprietary organization who want’s to sell alcoholic beverages for a short period of time or for a one-time event only. The Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation (OLGR) in Queensland regulates all liquor licences and permits application. If you are starting a new business, please be reminded of the period of getting your licence because liquor licence QLD and permits may take 4-6 months before it gets an approval.

In Queensland, a business without a licence and permit to sell and supply alcoholic beverages can face serious charges under the Australia’s alcohol law and expect fines and penalties. If you want to get your liquor license QLD for your business, Compliance Pal is a trusted company that will help you in getting your license.

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